Monday, June 29, 2009

Moving Day Surprises

It's moving season in Quebec once again, that time of year when a large percentage of the population relocates to new housing. For owners of large apartment buildings now is the time to deal with new tenants arriving, old tenants departing, inspection of apartment units and

Last week a dear old lady moved out from one of my 2 bedroom apartments. The sweetest lady, she rarely complained, always paid on time and was like everyone’s grandmother in the building. However, the sweet grandmother image I had of her quickly faded into one of the Wicked Witch when we inspected her place after her departure! It was as if she put on her coat, took one last look of her apartment over her shoulder and literally walked out of her apartment.
Everything, and I mean everything was left - - furniture, carpets, kitchenware, bathroom ware, clothes, old stereos, blinds, chairs, tables, pictures, etc …..

More bad news for us, the condition of the apartment was horrendous! Every wall it seemed had a dozen nails with a different grandchild’s picture hanging. Even though she had lived in the unit for only 2 years, the walls were filthy dirty, the hard wood floor was scratched and the light fixtures were either missing or broken. In Quebec, collecting a security deposit is illegal so many of us owners get put in a financial bind with situations like this.

My team spent two hours removing and throwing her junk out of the apartment. Now starts the much-needed renovations to get the place on the market.