Saturday, April 6, 2013

Advantages In Using Property Management

Owners often  what the best route to take is when managing property.  Do-it-yourself or hiring a professional property management company.  A few advantages in hiring a property manager.

1. Peace of Mind

Tenant search and property management can be time consuming, frustrating and difficult.  A property manager is trained with years of experience in the trade.  Let them worry about tenant complaints, chasing tenants for rent

2. Can Find you the Best Candidates

Property managers know well the best avenues to finding great quality tenants with superior pedigree.  Their resource often includes large corporations where they can bank on professional well-paid employees.  They can also best screen tenants and ensure folks have been thoroughly vetted prior to signing a lease.

3. Reputation

When tenants they are dealing with a company or a professional they tend to be on their best behavior i.e. pay rent on time and in general meet their contractual obligations fully.  They know property managers are no nonsense individuals that know the laws and are clearly mandated to act on them

Kaur Property Management ( serves the following areas of Montreal - Ville St Laurent, NDG, Cote des Neiges, Hampstead, Cote St Luc, Downtown and Old Montreal.